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Addiction Consultancy

"Because Better Practices offer Better Outcomes"

With the continuing increase of the need for innovative substance abuse treatment, it is now more important than ever to have an integrative, multi-faceted programme that can quickly pivot based on the complexity of individual needs.

In my consulting work I aim clients to provide unique solutions to problems they encounter in the design, implementation, and delivery of addiction treatment programmes. My focus is three-fold:

1- Provide innovative solutions, utilizing evidence-based interventions that deliver high-quality clinical care for treating and managing addiction and dual diagnosis presentations.

2 - Promote best practice and client individuality at their core of your programme.

3 - Develop your teams knowledge and skills in addiction treatment delivery to increase professional confidence and promote positive treatment outcomes.


I work with your management and clinical teams to evaluate current challenges your organisation face, and support  the development of evidence-based, best practice addiction treatment which holds positive client experience and desired outcomes at the core.

We will start by discussing where you want your programme to be and what bridges we can build to get you there.

I offers a range of consulting solutions focused on getting the best out of organisations I work with. I can work on improving one specific area, as well as  build a bespoke 360 degree consulting plan that will support you in delivering what you truly see possible from your service.


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