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I am an accredited therapist with experience of working both in the UK and internationally. This includes a role as a Live-in Counsellor and Case-Manager within the globally renowned team supporting clients and their families with a variety of mental health presentations in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Founder of Samuel W. Robinson Therapeutic Consultancy.

  • 1:1 Therapy, Couples Therapy, Intervention and Support for Families

  • Support and guidence for UHNWi's & their families around experiences associated with relationships, mental heatlh and wellbeing, addiction and family conflict.

  • Addiction Treatment Consultant.

  • Public Speaker.

  • London, Bristol or Globally Online.

  • POA

Having worked intensively on-hand with ultra high net worth individuals and their families around a wide variety of psychological and emotional difficulties, I have come to understand that life can be challenging at times for all, even the most privileged of us. My belief is that a compassionate not confrontational approach when working with a person’s emotional pain is key. An idea that is widely supported by an array of research. Both my clinical work, educational research and current practice strengthen my affection and empathy for working with those that have come to realise they are unhappy and seek to enjoy life again.


I understand that being in emotional turmoil can complicate everything. From our sense of identity to our personal relationships and it can keep us stuck in a belief that life cannot be different.  If we are desperate and unhappy, be it through addictions, anxiety, family conflict low mood or trauma, it can be hard to realised that we need to take a break before we are broken. I am not a believer of luxury problems, just real problems for real people. No matter one’s background, everyone deserves help, love, and healing. We are all human. We can all feel a sense of joy, happiness and internal peace if only offered the ability to get in touch with the parts of ourselves that nurture and champion this.

My intention is to get to know you, the real you, so then we can together find out what is keeping you stuck, and rediscover the parts of yourself that feels lost.

Taking a first step to seek help can feel daunting for many reasons, but in practise the first step is a courageous one. Therapy consists of curiosity, connection, exploration, self-acceptance, reframing experience, humour and even adventure!

Even now in you having a thought like, “I cannot do this alone” shifts are happening in the neo-cortex of your brain that are creating new pathways of understanding that the life you experience now is not finite. You can experience change.


My focus is on how to help you experience genuine happiness, a rejuvenated sense of self, sincere relationships and achieve your goals, whether they are personal, relational, professional, or spiritual.

In my work, I am reminded daily that everyone’s experience of life and its challenges are intensely unique. Therefore, my focus is always on what each person wishes to achieve and how they can to grow from our work together. As an integrative therapist with a holistic mindset, I offer a broad range of evidenced approaches with a foundation in cognitive psychotherapy, relational and client-centred motivational work.

I work with clients face to face at beautiful locations both in Marylebone London, Clifton Bristol or Globally Online. All face to face sessions are held as Walk and Talk sessions.

My Story Anchor

Areas of Expertise

Issues associated with wealth & success.
Issues with trust & forming trusting relationships.
Loneliness & isolation.
Adult Child Of Alcoholic & Addictions.
Addiction in the family.
Issues with
in the family such as conflict.

Lack of motivation.

Self Esteem.
Work Related Stress.
Burn Out.
Personal trauma.
Financial trauma.
Family trauma.


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