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Counselling Consultation offers advertised on Meta Platforms Terms & Conditions

By completing the Counselling Consultation offer form through a Meta platfoom (Facebook, Instagram or other) advert sponsored by Samuel Robinson Counselling and Psychotherapy you hereby consent to the following:

To be contacted regarding your interest in the Counselling Consultation offer via email, text message and phone call.  

To have your entered name, phone number, and email address on our system so that we can contact you regarding your interest in the counselling consultation offer.

Upon booking a Counselling Consultation, To secure the booking the advertised fee needs to be paid within 60 minutes of making the booking.

Consultations sold at an advertised reduced rate are non-refundable. You hereby understand that any cancelation made by yourself are is non-refundable. Up

Upon the event of cancelation by you , or a missed booking you hereby consent to being contacting regarding a reschduling of the appointment. While every attempt will be made to offer an alternative appointment, there is no guarantee of this You hereby take full responsibility for any cancelations or missed appointments.

Any cancelation my by the counsellor will warrent a full refund.

Missed consultation appointments are non-refundable.

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