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Client Success Stories
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 "I started seeing Sam a little over a year ago after I experienced a family trauma. The journey that I have been on with him has been nothing short of amazing; I’ve felt entirely safe, genuinely cared for and like he is personally invested in my healing process throughout our time together. Sam has taught me tools and helped me develop coping mechanisms to help me accept, forgive and move forwards with my trauma. Along the way we have uncovered and dealt with my depression, self esteem and social anxiety. I have always appreciated his transparency and honesty in how he runs his business. He is a wonderful man who has truly changed my life."

- M, Female 30s -

 "When I first started working with Sam, I was sceptical of therapy as I had quite a few experiences where I felt misunderstood by therapists and coaches who didn't get the reality of being a generational heir. Sam is the first person I found that understood the gravity of expectations and judgement that came with this. Sam helped me come to see and come to terms with why I find it so hard to trust and helped me learn that it is ok being me. I will be forever grateful for the patience, care and understanding shown. Thank you. "

- N, Male 40s -

“I can confidently say that you saved my life! I know I did the work, but you listened and cared and held me. You heard what life is really like beyond what everyone else sees. I truly think you were sent to me when I was at my worst. I felt so isolated, misunderstood and like I didn’t have one genuine relationship. You helped me to communicate what I need from friends and family and to use my own authentic voice. Thank you for always being honest with me. I have learnt that friendship and relationships are a two-way street and that it is ok to ask for what I need. Since working with you I feel closer to my wife, children and have formed some really great friendships with people that accept me. My family cannot thank you enough for the life changing impact you have had on us all. As you would say, "Who knew what walking in the woods could do!""

- T, Male 50s -

 "After making the decision to stop drinking, I was looking for a therapist to help guide me through this time and help support my sobriety. Alcoholism runs in my family, and so there were deeper layers to my personal experience that I wanted help working through. I have felt extremely supported by Sam through my sessions, and a space has been created where I feel I can voice my truly authentic thoughts and feelings. I have come to realise my addiction and my mental health have been very much intertwined, and during my sessions I am able to explore both, with Sam helping me come up with practical tools that leave me feeling lighter, more grounded and able to navigate my experience with more confidence and agency."

- S, Female 30s -
- R, Male 50s -

 "I had been hiding from the thought of therapy for too long and this affected my health, mood and relationships. Sam understands how hard the process can be and crucially takes a long-term view in providing help and guidance for issues that may have been dormant for years. Highly recommended."


 "When I was at my lowest, I decided to reach out for help. I was a confused and hurt person with cPTSD trying to use substances to cope. Grappling with both cPTSD and addiction was like being thrown into a storm, but when I met Sam, I felt like my feet had finally found solid ground.  We have worked together for nearly 9 months. During this time, he has helped me to understand my coping mechanisms, my triggers, and what I can do to manage them. He is slowly guiding me through my recovery from substances and helping to untangle my past and how this affects my emotions and reactions in the present. Most of all, Sam has helped me to find my identity again, a true sense of self I thought I had lost forever."

- K, Female 20s -

"Sam spent a month with us in 2021 supporting our son and ended up having an amazing effect on all of us.   Sam helped me to realise that our own feelings and desperation to help were a significant part of the problem.  We learned that giving and receiving excessive emotional or psychological reliance often leads to unhealthy ‘co-dependent’ relationships which end up stifling both parties.  I had given up on ever finding inner peace, but Sam helped me to see how I could be part of the solution by changing my own understanding. Life is a journey, not a series of outcomes.  I wish the younger me had known that, but I shall always be grateful to Sam for helping me find out before it was too late."

- E, Female 60s -
Image by M. R.

"I was first introduced to Sam hearing him speak at an event on the topic of Success and Loneliness. It was like he was speaking directly to me. We started working together shortly after and boy was I grateful. I finally found someone that didn’t judge the insecurities and shame I had about my wealth and helped me understand what had been driving my unhappiness. I can say when I met Sam there was parts of being wealthy that I hated. Not once did I feel Sam judged me and that was so refreshing. I had never been comfortable disclosing about my wealth and now I feel I have the tools to navigate this with greater confidence and an acceptance of myself that I never thought possible.


The guidance and support Sam has provided me with through some really hard times has meant more to me than I can put into words.  For the first time I have been able to navigate difficulties even acknowledging how much wealth I had. Sam did not see “first world problems” and helped me come to terms with my own values and motives around wealth. Sam taught me how to not allow myself to be treated poorly, allow others prejudice, or be manipulated. I will be forever grateful.

I cannot recommend Sam enough."

P - Male 50s -

"I approached Samuel for help with anxiety, particularly social, and low mood.  I was very quickly made to feel comfortable in the sessions with his warm personality and good humour putting me at ease. I found the sessions overall extremely helpful and was able to better manage my thoughts and feelings, initially going over some practical tools and then exploring deeper into the how and why of what I experienced. Samuel helped me go at my own pace, with gentle guidance, only exploring issues when I was ready to. I now feel much more content and less reactive to my thoughts and emotions."

- L, Male 30s -

 "I just want to say you have changed my life and views and made me realise I can be something more than drugs and depression."

- L, Male 20s -
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